What happens at the ICE Test Site

Test Time
Check your confirmation letters for the exact time, the typical start times are:

  • EPA Exam - 8:30am
  • Residential ICE Exam - 11:30am
  • Light Commercial ICE Exam - 11:30am
  • Commercial ICE Exam - 2:30pm

Test Site Check-in
Candidates should arrive 30 minutes before the start time at the test site. Candidates must have their confirmation letters with them and some form of photo identification. A driver's license, employee identification card, or passport are all acceptable forms of identification. Social Security cards are not acceptable as identification for ICE testing. Candidates are required to sign-in.

Testing Period
Candidates are permitted to have a silent, non-programmable, non-printing, hand-held calculator. Candidates can make any corrections to their demographics on the answer card. Mark all answers on the answer sheet. There is only one answer per question. The completed answer sheet and the test are given to the Chief Examiner.




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