How to Study for the EPA Test
A Module 0200 Applicant Study Guide is available which covers required knowledge on basic refrigeration principles as well as specialized information on each of the three types of available certification. Study areas should be well lighted and quiet. Select the EPA Type(s) for which you wish to seek certification. Carefully read each topic under the section of the manual for the type(s). After reading a topic, try to answer the questions at the end of the section. Make a note of any question that gives you difficulty. If necessary, read the material again keeping in mind the questions giving you difficulty. Answer the questions again until you are able to easily answer all questions. These steps should be repeated for all topics for the EPA types for which you will be testing. With most of the topics you will see a heading for Service Reminders. Service Reminders are tips and facts that you need to know and will help you on the EPA test. REMEMBER THEM.



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