What is a Testing Organization?

VGI Testing Organizations have the responsibility of scheduling test sessions, making facility arrangements, supplying all materials to applicants, hiring instructors and proctors, collecting applicable fees, and administering the testing and training (if used). All proctors used by a testing organization must be approved by VGI before they may participate in any testing session. Test session must have a minimum of one proctor for every 50 applicants.

Per the agreement between VGI and the EPA, testing organizations must accommodate test applicants with special needs. These include but are not limited to the disabled, hearing impaired, illiterate, and non-English speaking applicants.

Testing organizations must agree to submit a monthly schedule of future testing locations. This submittal is an EPA requirement. Test sessions may be randomly field checked by either EPA Enforcement Division or by VGI personnel. Discrepancies noted by monitors and reports from applicants of alleged misconduct are subject to inclusion in VGI periodic reports to the EPA.

Applicants seeking to be certified as a VGI Testing Organization must certify that they are not now, nor have ever been under investigation nor cited by the Enforcement Division of the Environmental Protection Agency for violations of EPA regulations pertaining to Technician Certification under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.




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